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Results for the Year End 30 June 2018 have been released.
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Training & Development


The essence of Accéntuate revolves around responsibility, care and quality in everything we are, in all that we do, in the products we manufacture and distribute, in the service we deliver and in the way we treat our staff, stakeholders, customers and the environment. It is all this that underpins our sustainability.

Accéntuate continues to focus on ensuring the business is sustainable despite the tough trading conditions. Within Accéntuate sustainability is viewed within the context of the well-being of the company and the environment within which it operates over the long term. It encompasses the concept of stewardship and the responsible management of resource use. We understand and respect our responsibility towards the transformation of the organisation and the society within which we operate in aspects where we have some influence. The communication of our governance, social and environmental performance to all stakeholders is thus of critical importance and this sustainability report offers us the platform to advise stakeholders of the aspirations that we hold for the organisation in a context broader than just shareholder value and our achievements in this regard.

Accéntuate continues to view itself as a good corporate citizen and is therefore committed to not only complying with regulations but also striving to a leadership position within the realms of responsible business practices. Our commitment is to transparently disclose information that is material and relevant as part of the group’s reporting process.

Skills development and training

The development and maintenance of the identified and required skills base have always been leading priorities within Accéntuate and therefore formal structures have been established to monitor progress in this regard. Management, together with the employment equity committees, strives to uplift staff by ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies to perform at their best. In addition to this, there is an active programme to identify and eliminate the effects of past discriminatory practices, should they exist within the group, in order to move towards an organisation that adequately reflects the racial demographics of the various regions in which we operate.

Accéntuate is a learning organisation, relying heavily on the collective human capital of its workforce to respond to a highly competitive and dynamic environment. Its learning culture starts at the top of the organisation, with the commitment to continuous improvement permeating through the various echelons of management down to shopfloor level. In addition to the PDI spend there is an additional amount of R49 620 spend on various other forms of training, bringing the total spend for this financial year to R263 279.

The group’s commitment in this area was reflected by direct expenditure of R1 315 508 on staff and customer training during the year, as well as considerable in-house training. FloorworX falls within the domain of the Metal and Engineering Related Services Seta (“MERSETA”) which, guided by the National Skills Strategy, has identified critical skills shortages within the industry in areas such as management, engineering, finance and sales. FloorworX focuses many of its skills development initiatives around these disciplines, thereby not only satisfying the business’s need for specific skills, but also contributing to the economy at large. FloorworX currently has six previously unemployed persons nearing completion of their apprenticeships in electrical and fitting disciplines.

FloorworX continues to facilitate the practical training of students in the completion of their national diploma in mechanical engineering and a total of six graduates were accommodated during the past year. FloorworX has three full-time bursars (children of FloorworX employees from previously disadvantaged groups) studying towards qualifications in accounting and computer science and provides study assistance to six employees studying part time towards formal qualifications in accounting, management, information technology and marketing.

Staff in several areas have continued studying at postgraduate level. The FloorworX sales force is kept abreast of the latest sales techniques and market trends through continuous training and development initiatives.

Safic belongs to the Chemical, Industrial, Educational and Training Authority Seta (“CHIETA”) where there is a strong focus on improving skills of all individuals in the related industries. Four learnerships funded through the CHIETA discretionary grants system have recently been completed, while three new learnerships in chemical operations level two started in June 2017.

Besides various upliftment programmes such as first aid, fire fighting and EE workshops, we are currently funding the following qualifications for certain of our staff:
- BTech Quality – two employees
- BTech Chemistry – one employee
- Strategic Logistics Management – one employee

We have assisted in payment of school fees, school uniform and stationery for certain PDI employees’ children. A well-prepared training matrix identifies the various skill requirements and forms the basis of manpower planning. Training requirements are integrated into management performance measures of KPAs and include continuous identification of needs managed and recorded for WSP/ATR, ISO, EE and B-BBEE purposes.

Our learning culture starts at the various echelons of management and permeates throughout the organisation. As well as being responsible for building the capacity of its various departments, management is actively encouraged to enhance its own knowledge and skills through continuous learning.

Personal development plans are in place, resulting in most managers being involved in learning, whether studying towards a formal qualification in their field of expertise, postgraduate studies or through attending continuous professional development programmes.

In addition to the internal training initiatives, Accéntuate contributes greatly to the upliftment of skills broadly within the flooring and cleaning industries. A number of initiatives are embarked upon whereby our customers and their staff are trained on the efficient and effective use of our products. This training is conducted to the highest international standards and within a framework embracing quality, safety, environmental awareness and ultimate customer satisfaction and service. A fully operational training centre has been established at our Steeledale facility that constantly trains and uplifts the skills of floor fitters within the southern African region.

Succession planning has been identified as an important aspect of sustainability and systems have been implemented to monitor progress in this area against predetermined objectives.

Enterprise development

Accéntuate is committed to enterprise development which is defined as "contributions of monetary and non-monetary recoverable and non-recoverable contributions actually initiated in favour of a beneficiary entity by a measured entity with the specific objective of assisting or accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial independence of the beneficiary. This is commonly accomplished through the expansion of a beneficiary’s financial and/or operational capacity".

The operations in Accéntuate are committed to a number of enterprise development and corporate social investment programmes in various areas. The indicative spend in these areas was R630 203 (2016: R769 000) which was further complemented by substantial non-monetary assistance.

Accéntuate views preferential procurement as an effective tool to facilitate transformation of society and to this end Accéntuate has developed effective preferential procurement strategies that are implemented at divisional level. These procurement policies are integrated as part of the ISO 9001 system. A number of factors are evaluated before awarding orders which include price, quality, customer service and B-BBEE status. The availability of certain raw materials from limited sources does, however, constrain our preferential procurement initiatives around many of our high-value procured items. Continuous improvement in this critical area of the business is encouraged and monitored on an ongoing basis. Accéntuate measures preferential procurement of B-BBEE and the objective is to deal preferably with companies that have a score of level 4 and better. The group’s goal is to achieve the full 20 points from this area within the BEE scorecard. Within FloorworX and Safic the companies spent R69,3 million and R16,7 million with their top 10 suppliers respectively.

Environmental issues

Serious attention is also given to environmental issues. This has become a critical issue for the group for a number of reasons, including the need for conservation of energy, as well as the focus on “green building”. Accéntuate has for many years taken the lead in the area of responsible manufacturing and the development of environmentally acceptable products. Safic was voted the Mail & Guardian’s “Greening the Future” company for two consecutive years for developing an environmentally acceptable range of chemical products that comply with the highest EU environmental directives.

Accéntuate is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:
- Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as effective as possible.
- Minimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of its fleet and the source of its power requirements.
- Actively promote recycling both internally and among customers and suppliers.
- Source and promote a product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
- Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the company.

Both FloorworX and Safic have been awarded and retained the ISO 14001 certification.

Safic is a signatory to the responsible care campaign, the largest initiative worldwide aimed at ensuring that chemical producers operate within very stringent environmental and safety standards. A number of other awareness initiatives have been supported by Accéntuate including the Arbor Day and the one billion trees campaign.


Please refer to the Accéntuate Annual Report 2017 to view FloorworX and Safic accreditations.

Staffing composition

Accéntuate is acutely aware of the need to ensure that PDIs are engaged in the organisation and from the report above, they are being trained to ensure they can improve their knowledge of the tasks involved in as well as presented with opportunities that further their careers. Accéntuate has a total staff complement of 234. All Accéntuate staff operate in South Africa.

It is with statistics such as this that Accéntuate is committed to ensure black ownership of Accéntuate in the near future. During the financial year under review, four fixed contracts were entered into with staff from Safic.

Lost hours due to industrial action

Accéntuate makes a point of ensuring good staff and labour relations and is very proud to announce that zero man hours were lost across the business due to industrial action.

Ethics tip-off line

Accéntuate as part of a group-wide initiative has an ethics tip-off line in place and is proud to report that during the 2017 year, no incidents were reported.

Zero incidents have been reported on the ethics tip-off line.

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